Welcome to the website of the Souhegan Transition Network (STN).

Transition? What’s that about? Transition from what to what? Here’s a short answer:

STN is working to support the transition FROM

  • fossil fuel dependence,
  • ecological degradation,
  • global economic instability, and
  • social disconnection

and the transition TO

  • low carbon life-styles,
  • eco-system restoration,
  • local living economies, and
  • vital close-knit communities

This is a tall order. But the “Transition Town” movement (and it is a world-wide movement, with groups like ours in communities springing up nearly everywhere) is committed to a crucial principle:

This kind of transition will not happen through government programs — it will happen from the bottom up, by individuals making a difference in their local communities and small groups pooling their resources and their vision to create new ways of doing things at the local level.

This work is already being done — by scores of organizations and individuals all over the region. We already have local farmers selling the fruits of their labor in farm stands and farmers’ markets. We already have folks working on weatherizing homes and installing solar systems. We already have institutions whereby neighbors can help neighbors meet their needs for food, health care, transportation, tutoring, and so forth. And much, much more.

So where does STN fit in?

  1. First, by helping coordinate and publicize all these existing efforts, and maybe planting seeds for a few new initiatives, too.
  2. Second, by advancing our vision that these efforts each play a part in moving toward healthier communities in the future.
  3. Third, by connecting our local activities with similar local activities elsewhere, helping us recognize that we belong to a worldwide transformative process.

STN is not a political organization, pushing a particular ideology or legislative agenda. Or rather: it is political, but in the original sense of the word: focusing on making the community stronger, more resilient, more able to sustain itself in the face of an uncertain future.

So, welcome to our web site. We invite you to participate in one or more of the initiatives described here. And we invite your views and comments.