After a 1-Year Hiatus…

This web site has been largely neglected since last fall, nearly a year ago. But a group of us are trying to bring it back to life. A few changes are in the works. One is our name — we are now the “Souhegan Transition Network” (rather than “Souhegan Transition Town Network”). We also have a new logo and a new acronym, STN.

Most important, we also have some energetic new members. And we’re always looking for more. Over the past half year we’ve embarked on several new initiatives:

  • One is STN’s hosting of monthly community suppers at the SHARE Center on Elm Street in Milford. We’ve done two so far, and the next one in Milford will be in January (when the SHARE Center will again be available). Meanwhile, we may host dinners in other venues over the next couple of months. Looks for announcements and join us for a free spaghetti dinner — and, if you like, join us in the kitchen or cleaning up afterwards. We had about 75 guests at our October dinner, and a fairly large crew of helpers all seemed to have a good time.
  • As part of our ongoing effort to raise awareness in our community about various issues, we have committed to sponsoring a monthly film series. A few weeks ago we screened “The End of Suburbia,” which challenged us to think about the dependence of bedroom communities on automobiles and cheap oil. If gasoline becomes a luxury item, how will communities that are remote from the workplace remain viable? Next up is “Dirt!” on November 10th (at 4:30 in the Wilton Town Hall Theater).
  • Finally, we are in the process of launching the Souhegan Hour Exchange, a “time bank” that encourages sharing of time and skills among folks in our local communities. We’ve had a trial run over the last 5 months, and we hope soon to be able to open it up the the community at large. More on this soon.

So, the web site may have been quiet, but our organization has grown and continues to be active. The site has the ambitious goal of being a one-stop resource for information on various services and organizations that contribute to our broader goal of enhancing resiliency and self-sufficiency in the Souhegan Valley. If you wish to join in, either with research and writing or with suggestions for articles, drop me a note at rma AT updownway DOT com.

Article written by Mike Anderson

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  1. Michael Conley October 26, 2013 at 10:25 am | | Reply

    Yes, indeed — good to see a revival of the website! I would really like to see postings about local events that are cool and “transitional” as well as stuff that we (STN) are doing. Now — what are some cool things? Well, there’s going to be a big concert on the Sunday before Thanksgiving at the Amato Center featuring the music of the Weavers! The concert is sponsored by the UU Church of Milford and promises to be very special! Where should be post stuff like that?

    Also, for “Dirt” we are going to do our best to create some large scale composting efforts! We’re specifically thinking of Milford High School, but restaurants, municipalities, and nursing homes would also be good targets. What do you all think????

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