Deep Energy Retrofit Workshop

Sponsored by ETP (Efficiency Training Program), the Deep Energy Retrofit workshop will be held at the Susan N. Mclane Audobon Center in Concord, N.H., on Wednesday, November 7. It is an all-day event, running from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

A “deep energy retrofit,” by the way, is described like this in Wikipedia:

A deep energy retrofit is a whole-building analysis and construction process that uses “integrative design” to achieve much larger energy savings than conventional energy retrofits. Deep energy retrofits can be applied to both residential and non-residential (“commercial”) buildings.

This workshop comes highly recommended in an email I received from Paul Liscord of Mulberry Tree Builders:

You might all be interested in this. Presenters are Marc Rosenbaum, MIT PE, an energy engineer I’ve consulted with for years. One of the top energy minds in the Northeast, and he is a good presenter to boot. Also presenting are David Joyce, principal of a Mass firm that has an extensive deep energy retrofit portfolio, and David Legg formally of NStar I believe, who will discuss DER financials. I don’t think NH has ever seen such DER horsepower in one room, at least not since I’ve lived here. An event not to be missed.

It looks like you can secure a reservation here — there’s a $75.00 charge.

Here’s some info on the organizer:

The Deep Energy Retrofit workshop is an initiative of the NH Efficiency Training Program (ETP) — a NH Green House Gas Energy Reduction Fund (GHGERF) grant funded program managed by Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) and Lakes Region Community College (LRCC).

Article written by Michael Conley

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