Monadnock Table

Most have probably seen copies of Monadnock Table: The Guide To Our Region’s Food, Farms, & Community I suspect but maybe not. It really is worth noting that much of what we have thought good to celebrate through the STTN web site is already being addressed in large measure here. Why not connect to that wheel? Here’s the link to their website.

Local Farms, artisans, news, recipes, stories of Place, and a whole lot more are contained within, and it covers the Monadnock region from Keene (and neighboring Vt.) to Hillsborough. Perhaps not covering everything out there but certainly worth paying attention to and recognizing as a community hub for information on services being rendered! Maybe STTN might want to eventually advertise there as well?

Article written by Keith Badger

Teacher, Naturalist, Tracker, LongWalker, interested in alternative education, rite-of-passage work with youth, community supported agriculture and becoming more involved with local and regional issues centered upon celebrating the art of nature based community renewal.

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