Mike Anderson

After a 1-Year Hiatus…

This web site has been largely neglected since last fall, nearly a year ago. But a group of us are trying to bring it back to life. A few changes are in the works. One is our name — we are now the “Souhegan Transition Network” (rather than “Souhegan Transition Town Network”). We also have a new logo and a… Read more →

Words to Ponder

We are used to measuring our success, both as a nation and as individuals, in monetary terms. Here’s a quote from more than four decades ago reminding us of the limits to such thinking — words of Robert F. Kennedy:

The Election: Where’s the Leadership?

I’m taking the liberty of posting the text of my pre-election-day submission to the Letters to the Editor section of the Milford Cabinet. I think it reflects, at least in part, some of the thinking behind the Transition Town movement.

Money, Banks, and Trust

An 11-minute video entitled “Trust Me — I’m in Finance” argues that financial relationships should be direct, transparent, and personal. This dovetails nicely with the Transition Town emphasis on supporting credit unions and community banks.